When Murder Comes Close The Story of My Mom and A NH Murderer

It’s 1963, winter, and snowing lightly, and my mom is in a parking lot in her car. It’s an industrial parking lot where her husband’s uncle’s trucking company is located. It was once the largest trucking company in New England and my dad worked there as a mechanic and eventually a truck driver.

My mom’s mom works at a dental supply company in that same industrial area right off a major highway in Manchester, New Hampshire. The airport is nearby. It’s a hub of industry, buzzing with the thrill of the early 1960s. My mom hasn’t been married long, hasn’t been out of high school long, and though she has two babies, my much older brother and sister, she feels hopeful still. She’s smart. She hasn’t gone to college yet, but she would have . . . maybe . . . if babies and love hadn’t gotten in the way.

But she’s smart enough to know that when the man knocks on her car window, she needs to think fast. Really fast.

That day my mom met a murderer and almost became embroiled in case law that would dictate how officers throughout the U.S. dealt with search and seizure laws.

Join us as we talk about a New Hampshire murderer who now walks free.

Pamela Mason


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