Dude, No! is a podcast that joins the creepy, the deadly, the macabre, and the outdoors. 

Dude, No! careens into all things scary as hosts Carrie Jones and Shaun Farrar explore the terrifying, covering things like true crime, Big Foot, and why people get stem corns. 

Whether it’s murder, giant apes, kidnappings, or just Carrie’s love for manatees, join us as we enter the world of the dark and the scary as we sometimes even find some laughs there. 



Our Episodes

Here’s a quick list of our most recent episodes! 

Four Shots Nobody Heard and the Jim Jones Connection

Last week my opening dialogue spoke of the need for both physical and circumstantial evidence for a successful prosecution of crime. This week, we’ll be discussing multiple murders that are very much related but may not have been carried out by the same entities....

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Sometimes Murder Evidence Is Fickle, A Former Cop’s Point of View Into A Virginia Murder

Today we are once again talking about murder: the taking of a human life by another person without a provable and justifiable self-defense argument.  Today, most people probably get their knowledge of crime fighting and police work from television and movies: A world where...

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No One Stopped To Save Her The Story of A Murdered Oregon College Student

When I was in ninth grade, my mom had a man she’d been flirting with move into our house while he “got back on his feet.” He travelled all the way from Oregon to our house, carrying a couple gifts. A Oregon mascot that...

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One Car. One Man. No Answers.

The world of stamp collecting doesn’t seem like a world of intrigue and crime, a place where people end up dead in a car in Maine. But some people think that’s exactly what happened to Massachusetts man James Arlington Cassidy Stamp collecting has been...

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Show Hosts

Who are we? Good question! 

Hosts Shaun and Carrie have been friends for years and years now, and they even got married. 

They met while Shaun was a cop and Carrie was a reporter, and bonded over their love of story, the outdoors, facts and general creepiness. 

A former cop and an ex-newspaper editor, join them every week as they enter a new story and resist the urge to yell, “DUDE!  NO!” 

Shaun Farrar