The Bigfoot of Bear Brook State Park and Did Carrie See Him

Is Bigfoot real or not?

That’s the first question of this episode. A lot of people have been pondering this question for decades. And in other centuries and other cultures, there was no question. It was just an assertion. By whatever name and whatever language, Bigfoot was real to them.

This week on the podcast, we break away from true crime to discuss true weird, which we’ll probably do once a month.

And what it is about?

Oh, you know, we’re just going to discuss Big Foot and Bear Brook State Park in Allenstown, New Hampshire. And Carrie tells her own Big Foot story that she mostly only alludes to in our every day lives because it’s just that weird. How weird? It’s so weird that one of the weirdest, quirkiest writers out there just doesn’t tell people about it.

That’s weird.


So many apologies that I didn’t have time to turn these into happy little titles and they are awkward links. I’ll try to get back to it and fix them all soon.

Nightmare in the Woods, A. H. Verge.

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