The Man Who Killed His Families Over and Over Again

I’m just going to put it out there: crime is stupid and murder? That’s beyond stupid.

And if you’re murdering kids or women or people who are marginalized or oppressed? I am just not good with you.

I have not achieved the enlightened state that allows me to still love people who terrorize other people. But when you pick out victims who are mom and kids? You’re a certain kind of predator that I can’t deal with.

I just cancelled the Cult of Carrie, didn’t I?

Anyway, for me, a lot of murders hit a little too close to home. My mom was stalked and interacted with a murderer once and it was only her wits and ability to lie under pressure that allowed her to live and for me to be here right now. This is not that case, we talked about that one a while ago.

This is actually the case of the Allentown Four or the Bear Brook murders.

Cue scary music.

Actually, if you remember we recently had a podcast about Big Foot at this same location, right?

Well, this one is about a man who was much more of a monster than that furry cryptid.

But the story is convoluted as heck as so many New Hampshire stories and people are. I speak from experience, being one.

Here we go.


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