Who We Are

We are real people, we promise! You might wish we weren’t actually. Learn more about us below! 

Shaun Farrar

He used to be a small-town cop, but he doesn’t talk about that now. . . Much. 

Carrie Jones

NYT and internationally bestselling author, before she wrote novels, Carrie was an award-winning reporter and newspaper editor. Who knew? 

Dee Harris or A Magical Mystery Guest

We like to imagine that they are here with us always, but today, we’ll say it’s Dee. Because she bails us out a lot. 🙂 

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An Episode from our LOVING THE STRANGE Podcast

Hot Ones Challenge Where Carrie Goes Blind

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Cooking with Shaun

Shaun Being Weird

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Carrie Has a Writing Tip

Worst Writing Tip Ever Blooper

About DUDE NO!

Hosted by a married couple (an ex cop and a reporter/bestselling novelist) who share a passion for the weird and the creepy, DUDE, NO! is a podcast for the morbid weirdo with an outdoorsy bend who likes real facts, not just sensationalism. We might focus on stories of murders, kidnappings, and tragedies but what we also focus on is the good people and how you can maybe keep that light inside of you despite all the dark. Time to turn out the lights, get under the covers and take voyage into the creepy. Welcome, to DUDE, NO!