Just The Facts: Who Gets Murdered and Why Don’t We Know More

This episode we talk facts about homicide. And Iceland. Carrie talks Iceland. Come hang out with us for a bit while we talk about homicide stats from the U.S. and the globe. And Iceland. Always Iceland. So many sources!

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Four Shots Nobody Heard and the Jim Jones Connection

Last week my opening dialogue spoke of the need for both physical and circumstantial evidence for a successful prosecution of crime. This week, we’ll be discussing multiple murders that are very much related but may not have been carried out by the same entities. You be the judge as we delve into the murders of…

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When A Town Protects A Murderer Part One

Last week, we talked about a murder that hit a little close to home for my family. It was the murder of Pamela Mason, a kid who was killed by Edward Coolidge. This week, we go into a New Hampshire family that was truly haunted by deaths and murders. The Paquettes. And we talk about…

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