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The Eastern Roswell?

You guessed it, we’re talking all about one state, one tiny state, on the Eastern seaboard and how it’s been a hotspot for UFO sightings. It’s so fun. Come hang out with us. THE AMAZING BOOK WE REFERENCE It’s Taryn Plumb’s New England UFOs. You can buy it! We weren’t paid to say that, but…

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Serial Killer Sasquatch

Giant, furry cryptids tromping around our world? Uncaptured? Not discovered by scientists? Maybe? Maybe not? But how about the story of Portlock, Alaska, a whole town that allegedly up and moved after a serial killing Bigfoot’s terrorizing murder spree? So creepy. Today we explore Portlock and Bigfoot. SOURCES Dolezal, R. “Portlock: Home of a Sasquatch?” Anchorage…

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