Maine Man Becomes a Mummy The Life and Death of Elmer McCurdy

Sometimes you can’t catch any breaks.

Sometimes you might have the worst train robbery in history with the smallest take ever.

And sometimes you die and become an amusement park dummy.

It sounds like an episode of Supernatural or the X-Files, but it’s actually true. Join us at Dude, No as we hear about the Maine outlaw who saw more of the world dead than he ever did alive. This is the story of Elmer McCurdy, a train robber whose death turned into a horror story about how people’s quest for entertainment can sometimes outweigh their respect for the dead.

Join us as we explore the sad life and horrifying death and even more horrifying afterlife of a Maine man who had some troubles with nitro: Elmer McCurdy


Elmer Mccurdy: The Life And Afterlife Of An American Outlaw by Mark Svenvold


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